Put simply, a customer rig test business will survive only if customer information is protected. Both FSML and Multimatic Inc. are acutely aware of this fact, and therefore take security of information very seriously.

Vehicle weights, downforce (if any), tyre pressures, camber angles, damper styles, springs and bars are all the responsibility of the customer, implying that optimal suspension settings will, in general, be unique to a race team. FSML will (try to) optimise damper settings for (normally several of) such prescriptions. Neither FSML nor Multimatic will know which set-ups may be used by a customer under what circumstances, or what adaptions may be made to a rig-based suspension set-up during track tests.

Each rig run will generate a stored data file, and an entry into a summary file. The files are archived by FSML (only), and used subsequently only to answer follow on questions and to compare current results with previous results from the same vehicle.