About FSML

About Flight Systems and Measurement Limited.

FSML is a small company contracted to Multimatic Inc. to support vehicle dynamics activities. One task was to assist with the design and construction of a Four Post Test Rig installed at Dynamic Suspensions, Thetford, UK. As part of that activity, FSML developed the software used to control the Rig and to create and analyse measurement files recorded during rig tests.

The development of analysis software is an on-going activity. Corrections and enhancements are made on a regular basis as a result of experience gained by executing rig tests under contract to a large number of customers (mainly race teams).

Rig tests are supported as a separate business by FSML using the Theford rig and others. The activity is one that is technically independent of both Multimatic Inc. and other rig owners. The benefits to Multimatic are an income stream, and a competent test facility for its own use.

Currently, the rig testing business occupies in excess of 100 test days a year. Customers are drawn from a broad spectrum of racing formulae, including Champ, IRL, Indy Lights, Formula Atlantic, F1, F3000, GT, Touring (all types), Rally, F3 and other junior formulae.

The principal of FSML is Dave Williams, an aerospace engineer with over 30 years experience in measurement, analysis and control systems. He was, for example, the lead designer of two fly-by-wire variable stability aircraft, he installed and supported the first digital measurement system on a race vehicle, and played a leading role in the development of the Lotus Active Suspension System, the first to support a Grand Prix win.